Wednesday, August 8, 2007

A Day in the Production Manager’s E-mail

Production Manager Allie Herryman and Assistant Production Manager Isaac Sernoffsky have been busy preparing for rehearsals (which begin today!!!). The emails fly fast and furious between these two. Below is an excerpt from their email exchanges in the past 24 hours:

Allie: So I’m preparing for the first rehearsal. I’ve been chatting with Ben about paperwork, working through actors’ contracts and crazy rehearsal schedules, getting ground plans and diagrams to the TD and carpenters, and more or less trying to stay afloat and sane. One last thing to get underway is the supply order. Isaac, can you think of anything we need?

Isaac: I think we need a drink... Other than that the important things I can think about are paperwork (mainly bios for my sake so I can get the program formatted), and making sure we have a full cast and crew. Are we cool with a TD or is that still up in the air? I'm having “the Dans” meet tomorrow for the first time, which should be a great meeting of the minds. I'm really excited to get our newest intern on board and in action. By the way, is there anything that you want him to start working on, like the benches, that we have the supplies for? I'm also taking care of all of the RSVP-ing for the big birthday party! It's going to be great to see everyone in a fun, light atmosphere. Anyway, that's what I'm working at this moment...

Allie: Good, and while you’re at that I’m prepping for the production meeting tonight – last one before we go into rehearsal – yikes! Laura’s going to do the note-taking. Stuart has returned from Pennsylvania and Becca (lighting designer) is home from Fargo, ND. It will be lovely to have everyone back together. We’ve also got lots of new faces around the table including – yes indeed – a new TD! His name is “Ziggy” Olson and he’s our first venture into using a single TD rather than a big set building company. I talked to him today and he said the back wall is already built! As for the Dans, yes, I think the bench project will be good for them so we can get the benches into rehearsal in time for them to use ASAP.

Isaac: I'm excited to get the show going! I think it's going to get a great reaction. Everyone has been having some great ideas! See you at the meeting!

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