Friday, July 27, 2007

Meet the Merchant on Venice Cast!

Hello loyal blog readers! One of the perks of following this blog is that you get the inside scoop on all of the breaking SRTP news. Today, I’m pleased to present you with the cast list for Merchant on Venice, hot off the presses!

DEVENDRA, a merchant on Venice Boulevard: Kamal Hans
JITENDRA, his friend, suitor to Pushpa: Andy Nagraj

SHIVANANDA, a journalist: Vince Mahler
YOGANANDA, his partner: Madrid St. Angelo

AMITHABA, a bartender, friend to Devendra and Jitendra: Marvin Quihada
ARMANDO, an aspiring musician, in love with Noorani: Gerardo Cardenas

SHARUK, a rich Muslim: Anish Jethmalani
NOORANI, his daughter: Sadiah Rifai

TOORANPOI, the clown, employed by Sharuk: Tariq Vasudeva

PUSHPA, a rich heiress: Pranidhi Varshney
KAVITA, her poor cousin: Amira Sabbah

We are thrilled to have so many talented actors on board for this world premiere production. First rehearsal is only 13 days away… as Stuart would say, “Giddyup!”


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