Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Review Roundup

Critics are raving about Merchant on Venice! Here's what they're saying:
"Shishir Kurup's remarkable polycultural deconstruction of William Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice, will have an extensive international life...10 times as funny, smart, and intellectually stimulating as The Bomb-itty of Errors...a must-see for anyone who follows progressive approaches to Shakespeare...a big, new, risky, rambunctious show...uncannily accurate and transformative...a superb piece of passionate, irreverent, insightful writing...if you have a teenager studying this difficult play, a trip to see Kurup's eye-popping version will have their eyes bulging out of their sockets."
--Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune

Gerardo Cardenas (left), Andy Nagraj (center), and Marvin Quihada (right)

"BRAVO...a sparkling production...both more hopeful and more ambiguous than Shakespeare's...Kurup's wit and wordplay and the pop culture references peppering the play make it so palatable to a 21st century audience...this show delights...an eloquent plea for tolerance and forgiveness...Kurup solves Shakespeare's problem."
-- Barbara Vitello, The Daily Herald

Sadieh Rifai (foreground) and Anish Jethmalani (background)

"CRITIC'S PICK...bold, smart, sardonic reinvention...skillfully weaves in post-9/11 paranoia...layers of cultural dissonance both intriguing and disturbing...Stuart Carden's spirited world premiere staging highlights equally the script's sinister undertones and its giddy polyglot mix of traditional and pop-culture references."
-- Kerry Reid, The Reader

Playing now through November 4 -- purchase tickets online at http://www.srtp.org/productions.html!

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